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 Headquartered in Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania - Edgemate has provided quality products and exceptional service to customers throughout the world for over 37 years.

Since 1968, Edgemate has achieved the highest manufacturing standards in the industry!


Edgemate offers a wide variety of Real Wood Veneer products


Premium Wood Veneer Sheets

Veneer Sheets

Edgemate is recognized in the wood working industry as a leading manufacturer of high quality wood veneer sheets.   Providing fora ll applications; Edgemateoffers 10-mil resin impregnated paper backed wood veneer sheets as well as the very popular ALLWOODTM 2-ply wood veneer sheet.  The Edgemate fused manufacturing process insures a reliable, permanent bond between the wood veneer face and the backer by use of a cross-linked adhesive system.  Edgemate stocks most domestic and exotic species. 

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Exotic Veneer SpeciesExotic Species

Edgemate offers a variety of Exotic Wood Veneer Species!

Edgemate's Exotic Collection includes:

  • Birdseye Maple (Heavy Birdseye), African Rosewood, Figured Anigre, Figured English Sycamore, Jatoba, Makore, Wenge, and Zebrawood
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Kraft-Backed Wood Veneer Edgebanding


What’s behind the world’s best wood veneer edgebanding? 

Resin Impregnated Kraft Paper Backer.  The Kraft Paper Backer combined with the finest veneer available  and Edgemate’s specialized manufacturing process has given the industry the highest quality of wood veneer edgebanding for over 30 years.

The only manufacturer of this product, Edgemate’s hot press system utilizes a thermo-acrylic adhesive, which ‘cross-links’ to provide the most effective bond in the industry.  The backer actually becomes part of the edgebanding, eliminating problems associated with delamination, making it the only wood veneer edgebanding with a 100% guarantee.

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Fleece-Backed Wood Veneer Edgebanding

Edgemate introduced finger jointed real wood veneer coils 20 years ago and is today the largest manufacturer of Fleece-Backed Veneer products in North America.  Edgemate uses ‘state of the art’ equipment and technology combined with dynamic raw veneer resource management to produce a range of veneer products unmatched in the industry.

The use of coiled veneer products has become an integral component of real wood edge treatments within the industry.  The manufacturing advantages and the economies derived from the use of coiled veneer products offer substantial benefits, including simplified inventory control, minimized waste, and the maximum utilization of valuable natural resources.

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Pre-Finished Wood Edgebanding

Edgemate Pre-Finished Veneer coils feature a specially saturated fleece membrane, carefully selected premium grade veneers and expertly matched, virtually undetectable finger joints.  This premium grade edging is available Pre-Finished -  with a UV cured, highly durable clear lacquer finish.

Pre-Finishing eliminates the finishing time and reduces environmental concerns and difficulties associated with edge finishing.  The UV finish brings out the natural beauty of the real wood and provides added durability.

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Thick Wood Edgebanding Rolls

Edgemate offers a complete line of coiled Thick Veneer Edgebanding products to the North American cabinet industry.  Thick Veneer coils are laminated coils of real wood veneer which have been finger jointed into coils utilizing the latest in grain match and jointing technologies and laminated using specially formulated PVA adhesives.  Thick Veneer coils are gaining increasing popularity in office, residential and institutional case-good applications where a radiused edge is desired, but high throughput applications are required.

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Polyester Edgebanding

Polyester Edgebanding consists of a saturated paper with a special formulated resin designed to give a durable surface for painting or printing.

Edgemate offers a wide selection of Polyester Colors, Wood Grains, and Paintable Edgebanding rolls.





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