Premium Wood Veneer Sheets

Edgemate is recognized in the industry for high-quality, Grade 'A' Veneer sheets.

Edgemate's quality is defined by its manufacturing process.

Edgemate laminates wood veneer to a Resin Impregnated Backer sheet which ensures a reliable backer-to-face bond. This sheet is manufactured to reduce blistering, warping, cupping, splitting, and cracking.

10-Mil Backed Veneer Sheets
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When it comes to 10 Mil backed veneers, do not settle for anything less than Edgemate! Our Cab-Pro 10 mil backed veneer is very flexible and easy to work with, making it the solution for wrapping contours and shapes. Choose from a variety of domestic and exotic woods.

10 mil Backed Veneer

ALLWOOD™ Backed Veneer Sheets
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Edgemate's ALLWOOD™ 2-Ply Veneer Sheets consist of 'A' grade wood veneer laminated to a sound veneer back of the same or similar species. This 2-Ply wood veneer process provides the look of solid wood.

ALLWOOD™ Backed Veneer