DIY Edgebanding

Edgemate introduced Finger-Jointed Real Wood Veneer coils 20 years ago and today is the largest manufacturer of Fleece Backed Veneer products in North America.

Edgemate uses ‘State of the Art’ equipment and technology combined with Dynamic Raw Veneer Resource Management to produce a range of veneer products unmatched in the industry.

The use of coiled veneer products has become an integral component of Real Wood Edge Treatments within the industry. The manufacturing advantages and the economies derived from the use of coiled veneer products offer substantial benefits, including simplified inventory control, minimized waste, and the maximum utilization of valuable natural resources.

Edgemate's line of Blister Pack edgebanding is a great alternative for users that do not need full roll quantities. Retail rolls are Pre-Glued, Pre-Sanded, Ready to Finish, Available in 25 ft. and 50 ft. rolls, and can be applied using a household iron!

Fleece Backed Pre-Glued Edgebanding - 25 ft. Rolls
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25 ft. Retail Rolls

Fleece Backed Pre-Glued Edgebanding - 50 ft. Rolls
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50 ft. Retail Rolls